As grasp in the Java Developers community, Java is a platform independent object oriented language which runs on each platform. That is why it's very said for Java that "Compile once, run anywhere" language. The Linux su command gets its name from the word superuser. The su command is run in a Linux terminal emulation window to log during and work because the root user, following logging in to a Linux desktop because a "regular" (non-root) user. Never log during to a Linux desktop as the root user. LUGs give training and technical support and is going to help fresh users with operating system installations. They are also also pivotal in establishing the internet communities that incorporate widespread chatrooms and newsgroup usage. In addition there are also a number of specialist the internet and traditional print publications devoted entirely to Linux secrets, allowing users to keep up to date with every one the newes developments. Two recent Linux news items are price noting. First, the mobile phone industry is strongly embracing Linux. When we determine Motorola, NEC, Panasonic, Samsung Electronics, NTT DoCoMo and Vodafone band together to standardize Linux for handies, we know the Linux pathogen has reached a crossroads from where it is able to infect the population at wide. Since the cell telephone business is highly keen, with margins thinner than Kate Moss, such a cable is interesting -- because is any time competitors band along.